Byhill (2020?)

Very preliminary version of cover art

Very preliminary version of cover art

“Byhill” is incidental music for the video game I’ve never written — the story of a young hero seeking to liberate his home from hordes of undead that caused him to flee for his life. Oddly enough, the first of these pieces I completed was one I wrote while we were in flight from our home after having been poisoned by our exterminator. The cover art comes from Unity, the engine I am using now in an attempt to actually write the game.

(Rearrange these titles in the proper order when they are finished!)

Cover art sketches


“Escape from Byhill” is a forced march through the fields, up the hill, and far, far into the woods.

“Among the Trees” is a waltz, dancing for joy at being alive, tempered by the undead lurking behind.

“BaySide” takes us on a journey to the cliffs above the town, looking down at the destruction below.

“River Pebbles” is an exploration into the stochastic nature of the arrangements of pebbles on the bottom of a river of cool, clear water.

“The Bridge” is a partially 12-tone and generally unnerving experience with one of the undead while crossing a bridge over the river.

“Ghost Forest” finds our hero wandering deeper into the forest, lost among dead trees that all look alike.

“Cobwebs” finds our hero wandering through the dark, dank corridors of an ancient tomb. Minor-major sevenths are piled neatly in the corners, separated by atonal webbing that frequently seems to line up exactly wrong.  (How did we get to the tomb?)

“Barrow” brings us into the glory of vast treasures buried with their former owner.

“Close Quarters” follows our hero through a series of close encounters with the undead.

“Well of Eternity” is the goal our hero has been seeking: a doorway into the realm of the undead where the enemy may be vanquished mercilessly in a victory for the ages.

While currently ‘in progress,’ I am making enough progress on it to list it here. Hopefully coming soon!

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